Trivver Announces Launch of Transformative New Technology for Viewability Metrics in Extended Reality (XR) Environments

Trivver Announces Launch of Transformative New Technology for Viewability Metrics in Extended Reality (XR) Environments

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Trivver, the Florida-based leader in immersive advertising technology, announced today that it is the first company globally to provide technology which allows brands and organizations to measure viewability metrics in Extended Reality (XR) environments. Leveraging its portfolio of awarded patents, Trivver has developed a groundbreaking solution for deploying and auto-scaling a single 3D file across various 3D digital environments. This technology enables precise measurement of every individual 3D object in nearly real-time.

The technology works by first converting a 3D digital file into a 'Smart Object' using Trivver's proprietary Asset Editor. Once these Smart Objects are placed in a digital environment, Trivver can capture detailed viewability metrics using advanced 3D pixel calculation technology, representing a significant leap forward in measurement accuracy. Traditionally, advertisers have struggled to determine ad visibility, especially in the Web2 space where ensuring enough pixels load before a user scrolls ‘below the fold' and the ad is lost. In the Web3 space, ads are even more complex as users can freely navigate virtual 3D spaces, potentially losing sight of brands from multiple angles, not just vertically as in Web2.

Trivver's patented 3D pixel calculation offers several advantages over Heat Mapping technology. While Heat Mapping is limited to 2D interactions and surfaces, providing little detail on object size or depth perception, 3D pixel calculations accurately measure object size and scale in 3D space. This precision allows for exact placement and sizing of objects in 3D environments, providing a more comprehensive understanding of user engagement.

Trivver's data not only validates brand awareness but also verifies genuine human engagement, addressing a crucial concern in the advertising industry. This data is not only valuable for retargeting interested users but also enables Trivver's AI technology to personalize entire 3D environments based on the brand’s products or services that interest each unique user.

"In the XR space, there is a wealth of untapped data. Our aim at Trivver is to empower every brand to run Smart Ads," said Joel LaMontagne, CEO of Trivver. "Our vision is for every 3D digital asset to become a 'Smart Object’ and with our team’s latest innovations, this is now just around the corner."

The Trivver team has successfully rolled out the first phase of its XR Ad Platform, introducing two innovative templates: the 3D/AR e-Commerce Portal and the T-Mod (Virtual Store). These tools allow brands to easily and cost-effectively create, deploy, measure, and monetize their 3D ad campaigns in record time. This approach is akin to web page templates for Web2, but tailored for the dynamic landscape of Web3.

About Trivver

Trivver is a category-defining AI analytics company that allows companies to personalize, place, analyze and track 3D branded objects within unlimited immersive environments and traditional ads in order to maximize a brand’s ROI.