Ripple and Bitrue Drive XRPL Community Growth

VICTORIA, Seychelles, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ripple, developers of top 10 coin XRP, along with the leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue, have recently released a new promotional video highlighting the history of support that Bitrue has shown towards the XRPL community.


This short video, filmed at Paris Blockchain Week in April of 2024, details Bitrue\'s involvement in the XRP ecosystem since its launch in 2018. The messaging is delivered by Shruti Kohli, Bitrue\'s Global Head of Business Development, and touches on Bitrue\'s future plans for the coin.

In the present time support for the coin is growing, not only amid the wider cryptocurrency community but also from Bitrue directly. New tokens that launch on the exchange are often paired with XRP for trading, allowing token developers to directly tap into the XRP community while simultaneously increasing the direct utility of XRP. XRP is also included in all current features on Bitrue, including staking, loans, futures trading, and more.

The exchange has additionally launched an exclusive new staking opportunity celebrating the release of this promotional video. For a limited time only, all users are able to stake their XRP with Bitrue to receive 7% APY over a 7 day period. New users to the exchange also have an additional opportunity in the form of a 50% APY staking option over a 3 day lockup period. Users are encouraged to head to today to participate.

XRP remains the #1 focus of the exchange, with several projects building on the XRP Ledger set to launch on the exchange within the upcoming months.

Since its launch in 2018, Bitrue has been on a remarkable journey, always championing the utility and adoption of XRP. What follows is a short history of how Bitrue has been at the forefront of driving support for XRP, fostering innovation, and standing strong during challenging times.

2018: Embracing XRP\'s Potential

In July 2018, Bitrue was one of the first centralized cryptocurrency exchanges to list XRP, recognizing its immense potential when others overlooked it. They immediately elevated XRP to one of their Top 4 base currencies, allowing users to trade dozens of altcoins directly with XRP as a base. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of thousands of XRP holders finding solace in Bitrue\'s unwavering support. Moreover, users have been enjoying 0 withdrawal fees for XRP on Bitrue since then.

In addition, Bitrue also became the first exchange to list XRP as its base currency. Today, Bitrue is still the only exchange that lists XRP as a base currency, with dozens of XRP-based trading pairs.

Later in 2018, Bitrue proudly introduced the investment tool Power Piggy, offering XRP holders a passive income instrument. Moreover, they were among the first to offer a passive income instrument for XRP Holders, Power Piggy, making it part of the initial batch of tokens eligible for investment.

2019: Pioneering Innovative Features

Throughout 2019, Bitrue continued to prioritize XRP in all newly launched features. They launched a low-interest crypto lending platform, becoming the first exchange to provide XRP-collateralized lending services for the XRP community.

Furthermore, Bitrue has taken a significant step by running a UNL XRPL validator, demonstrating a strong dedication to the growth of the XRP ecosystem. This validator is part of the Unique Node List (UNL), a compilation of validators that network participants, including servers, trust not to engage in fraudulent activities.

Notable events during the year included Ripple\'s endorsement of its partnership with Bitrue in supporting XRP adoption when Bitrue attended Ripple Swell 2019 in Singapore. Bitrue also participated in #XRPMeetupJapan as an official sponsor.

2020: Upholding Resilience in Challenging Times

In June 2020, they further solidified support for XRP by becoming the first exchange to embrace PayString, simplifying XRP addresses into an email-like format. In late 2020, many exchanges delisted XRP due to the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit. However, Bitrue stayed loyal to the XRP community, categorically refusing to delist XRP and providing continuous trading and investment opportunities for the community. Bitrue never delisted XRP, which remains true today.

2021-2023: Continued Holistic Support for the XRP Ecosystem

In January 2021, Bitrue again proved its dedication by being the first exchange to complete $FLR distribution in the form of IOUs and supporting $FLR trading. They continued to extend holistic support during the largest XRP community airdrop event in January 2023, reaffirming the commitment to the XRP community.

Since launching in 2018, Bitrue has also listed and supported XRP native tokens like CasinoCoin ($CSC), Sologenic ($SOLO), Coreum ($CORE), Equilibrium Games ($EQ), and many more. All XRP native tokens can be found listed here. Bitrue is also one of the first exchanges supporting manual relocation and recovery of missing deposits where there are missing tags or incorrect tags for the XRP community.

Today: Looking into the Future

Looking towards the future, Ripple\'s recent landmark victory against the SEC is a potential turning point for the broader crypto ecosystem. It highlights the unique opportunities offered by elements like smart contracts and algorithmic currencies. Bitrue is committed to wholeheartedly supporting and actively exploring opportunities to grow in tandem with the XRP ecosystem, fostering its future endeavors and development.

Bitrue is proud to have been part of the XRP journey since 2018. As the crypto landscape evolves, they remain committed to empowering the #XRPCommunity, embracing potential opportunities, and contributing to the bright future of XRP. With XRP continuing to gain strength among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, they stand firm as the steadfast partner that has always prioritized the usage of XRP and supported its ecosystem. Together, let\'s move forward into a world where XRP adoption and utility thrive.

About Bitrue

Launched in July 2018, Bitrue is a diversified digital asset exchange that supports trading, loans, and investments. Bitrue aims to utilize blockchain technology to bring financial opportunities to everybody regardless of their location or financial position. It has offices in Asia and Europe and continues to develop new features at a rapid speed to fully service the new wave of the digital economy. More information is available on Bitrue\'s website.

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