Diving Deep: Divirod Partners with Hospitality Groups to Take on Climate Change and Water Data Scarcity with New Global Coastal Observation Network Initiative

BOULDER, Colo., May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As the risks posed by climate change increase, the lack of comprehensive water data and gaps in coastal monitoring infrastructure pose significant challenges to people and assets across the globe. Only 0.07% of the world\'s coasts are monitored, according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), and outdated methods result in inaccurate forecasts for local conditions. This compromises the accuracy of predictive models and leaves vulnerable communities without the necessary information to make informed decisions. Addressing the issue demands densifying the coastline with more tidal monitoring sensors and continuously capturing real-time data to ensure effective risk mitigation and sustainable planning through environmental uncertainties and evolving climate patterns.


Divirod is announcing its Global Coastal Observation Network in response to this urgent need. This initiative aims to establish partnerships with hospitality groups worldwide that have access to prime coastal real estate. Climate change significantly affects coastal tourism by creating unpredictable weather patterns, increased storm activity, and rising sea levels, often resulting in property damage, disrupted operations, and endangering staff and guests. By participating in this initiative, hospitality groups will gain access to invaluable water data that will not only help them understand the environmental conditions of their locations more comprehensively but also play a vital role in addressing the significant global gaps in coastal water data.

Due to the vast number of coastal hotel properties across the globe, the integration of sensing technology at these locations is pivotal to combating water data scarcity. \"The initiation of the Global Coastal Observation Network marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize water data collection. By mobilizing hospitality groups to host Divirod sensors at their locations, we\'re creating a network that delivers actionable insights, enhances safety, and fosters sustainability. Together, we\'re shaping a future where data-driven solutions drive positive change for our oceans, coastlines, and the communities they support,\" says Ava Jordan, Program Administrator and Executive Assistant to the CEO.

The benefits of this program for the hospitality groups are immeasurable. In the occurrence of a high-water event, such as king tide, storm surge, or flood, these sensors will provide real-time data and actionable insights, prompting resiliency plans to be enacted to mitigate damage, and ensure staff, and guest safety. Furthermore, this data is extremely useful for insurers protecting these properties. Traditionally, insurance claims for flood damage rely heavily on post-event assessments and subjective reports. However, with the accurate, localized data provided by Divirod, insurers would gain access to objective, immediate information to assist them in their damage assessment, expediting the claims process and minimizing potential rate increases and disputes.

Incorporating data insights from Divirod\'s units not only enhances the hotel or hospitality groups\' internal sustainability programs, but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Through this initiative, hoteliers can transparently showcase their environmental commitment, sharing their data with guests through QR codes, signage, or digital displays in public areas. Additionally, they can provide access to reports on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, and reinforce their brand as a sustainable hospitality leader. Utilizing Divirod data as a benchmark for sea level rise preparedness further strengthens the hotel\'s credibility and resilience in the face of climate-related challenges, all without incurring additional costs.

To join the network, or learn more about the initiative contact ava.jordan@divirod.com

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Divirod\'s mission is to build the most comprehensive local, national, and global environmental water-data network ever established. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology to rapidly deploy and measure all forms of water with accurate precision, addressing critical geographical data gaps and augmenting existing, but outdated, sparse, and disparate environmental water-monitoring systems. In the short term, the Divirod network fills data gaps, enabling localized and real-time \"speed to knowledge/action\" for more-informed emergency responses to protect against impending water risks that threaten properties, economies, and human lives. Over time, the increase in captured data, through the Divirod global network coverage, enhances smarter water-risk decisions and guides critical resiliency initiatives to greatly minimize future water risks. For more information on Divirod and to become part of the network, please visit https://www.divirod.com/ or contact water.team@divirod.com. Connect with Divirod on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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